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Communication: Welcome back!

Welcome back!
It seems that I have been in a funk for the past year and I’m not 100% sure why. Well, I guess I know some of the reasons why but not something I care to discuss at this moment. I will probably need to journal through that first. However, the clouds are finally lifting from my brain and I’m working on getting things back in order in my life. Restoration Time.
My interest in writing is slowly returning and I’m thankful for that. While in this funk, I knew I needed to write to help get through whatever was bothering me, but I really didn’t write anything beyond posting to social media, except for Nanonwrimo that I attempted back in November 2016. When I’m tired, I don’t really have an interest in anything except getting through the day. Survival mode is all I can handle during that time.
My interest in traveling probably won’t ever go away, although lately, I’ve had to cancel two vacations for different reasons and I’m partly stressed about that because as of this month, it’ll be a year since I’ve been on a week-long vacation. Anyone that knows me knows that is not what I do. I try to travel somewhere every four months, so to go 12 months now feels like my head is going to explode from not having a moment to travel and clear my head.
I’ve gone to Kentucky to visit my brother & sister-in-law a couple of times and I believe my last trip to Pittsburgh was probably to take the kids back last summer. Both were only weekend trips. I need a week-long vacation but since I cancelled two cruises last week (for September and December), I have other things planned to keep busy. Instead of being totally bummed about the fact that I’ve taken no vacation since last July, I decided I’m going to work on my hobbies during this time, until I can schedule a vacation for the right time and more importantly, to the right place. I have been wanting to travel to somewhere different, do something different, but because I was too busy to research and plan anything, I went for the easy way out and booked a cruise, two actually, to make sure I had somewhere to go, something to do. A month later, I cancelled them both because it just wasn’t what I really wanted to do. My interest in baking is returning, partially. I will probably always love to bake but I am not interested in baking for myself. I would say about 95% of my baking is because I want to give them to someone or take them to an event. The last time I baked was in June for a co-worker’s son’s graduation party. But before that, was probably for my Cookie Exchange back in December 2016. That 6 months is a long gap, for me.
My interest in photography is sitting there, always by my side, like a loyal pet. I wanted to say a cat, but cats do their own thing and will leave you sitting there by yourself when they don’t feel like being bothered. So much like me. Maybe I should get a cat. 😊
I’ve thought about getting a cat since buying this house and then I think about my hardwood floors that this cat might tear up. I probably should research that, but I’m thinking, no. Then I think, well I could just get carpet. Yes, that would solve that problem. Then I think about how cats like to climb up on things and if I ever saw a cat on my fantabulous (lol) kitchen counter, I’d never want to bake on it again.
Maybe I don’t need a cat.
So, yes I am back to my blog that I’ve neglected for the first half of 2017.
I’m glad to be back, and I’m glad to have you back too!