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Introduction: Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog!

Fall, panorama/header


Hi, I am Annie, The Journaler, and of course I enjoy journaling.
Somewhere in this space I currently call home are way too many journals I’ve dumped my thoughts into over the years.  Sometimes I stumble upon one and dare to open it.  Most times, however, I don’t re-read my journals because I don’t want to go back to those times.  Plus, it feels now like I’m invading someone else’s privacy because I was such a different person back then.

In this blog, you will read my thoughts on topics of interest to me and current/trending topics if I feel a need to speak about them.  The free-writing part of this journal will be random thoughts….some serious, some fun.

I plan to also share my photography projects, baking creations, and travel adventures.

I am looking forward to this Blogging Adventure during this Fall of 2015!