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Creation: Pizzelles!!!

Pizzelles……I can’t remember when or where I first tasted them, but I have liked them since then.  They are such light and simple cookies,  just a nice little snack to go with your tea or coffee.

From what I’ve read about this Italian cookie, the original recipe calls for a flavor called anise, but I learned that some people I’ve made them for aren’t really crazy about that anise flavor.   So, when I make them for myself, I use anise, but when I make them for anyone else, I use vanilla flavor.  Then everyone is happy.  I’ve even experimented once and added cocoa to make chocolate pizzelles with mint flavor and they were good too when I wanted a little variety.

However, not all pizzelles are created equally.  Once I had a craving for them but didn’t know how to make them at the time.  So I searched for some while in the grocery store, found them, and couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy them.  Oh the disappointment!!!  I may as well have been eating a piece of paper. That’s how tasteless they were to me.  Needless to say, the next time I wanted pizzelles, I found out how to make them.

I found this pizzelle maker on Amazon because of course, Amazon sells EVERYTHING!  Now I can make them anytime.   The only “negative” is the pizzelle maker only makes TWO cookies at a time.  When you compare that to other cookies I make at a dozen per cookie sheet at a time, it seems tedious to make pizzelles.  However from what I’ve read, before pizzelle makers were invented they used to have a pizzelle iron to make ONE cookie at a time, while standing over the stove burner.  So I really can not complain about the pizzelle maker that I use to make two at a time, right?

You have to keep a really close watch on the time because they only take 25-30 seconds to make before they start to burn. So I use the timer from my iPod to check it at 25 seconds.  The first couple that I made did not turn out right but I quickly learned to make the proper adjustments and felt like a pro by the time I finished the whole batch.  Not that they turn out perfectly round,  just that I can finish them without burning them.

Here is the Pizzelle recipe that I use.  I adjust the number of servings to half so I’m not up all night making them. 🙂  By doing half the recipe, I usually get about 30 cookies.  For the best results, when you remove each cookie from the pizzelle maker,  make sure you place them directly on a cooling rack so the air hits them on the top and bottom so that they can crisp up.  (Is ‘crisp up’ the way to say it??)  Anyway, you definitely want that snap in this cookie, not a soft one.

People usually give these cookies as gifts for Christmas, or, if you’re at a wedding in Pittsburgh, it’s part of the Cookie Table at the reception.  But as I said, once you have the maker, you can make them anytime you want.  I made these a month or so ago to give a friend to share with her co-workers.

Which flavor would you like, anise or vanilla?  What is your favorite Christmas cookie?











Creation: Bite size Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I gathered all of the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies today, I didn’t realize they would be bite-sized.  I have three different sized cookie scoops because I am not a fan of having cookie dough on my hands for the obvious reasons……less messy and more sanitary.  I would say 98 percent of the time, I grab the medium size scoop for most cookies.  I couldn’t get my hands on it before I grabbed a new one that I recently purchased.

I baked my cookies and when I removed them from the oven, I noticed how small they were immediately.  The funny thing is when I put them in the oven, I didn’t pay any attention to them, figuring they would expand during baking anyway.

But noticing the smaller size, I starting thinking “Did I miss an ingredient?  Did I forget to add the baking soda?  Did I measure incorrectly?  You know, the questions a new baker might wonder.  I’ve been doing this cookie-baking thing for way too long to make that kind of mistake, if that was what I did.   But I reviewed it all in my mind and everything was there and measured correctly.  Why are these cookies so small?

I compared the two scoops and found the “problem”.      The new scoop was smaller!!


(Side note: Don’t worry, I realize in the big picture of the world, this is hardly a real problem.  Sometimes we all need a laugh break from the real world, don’t we?)

So I ended up with bite-sized chocolate chip cookies.  Less calories, less guilt, still tasty!

Here is the recipe I use from Allrecipes.com:   Award-winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you make them, let me know how they turn out.


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Creation: Oatmeal Cookies

So, I have been in search of a good oatmeal cookie recipe.  I usually use the Quaker Oats recipe from the inside of the lid of the oatmeal container.  But they seem dry to me.  My search was for a more moist recipe.  I found this one in a book titled “Cookies, 60 delicious recipes” by C. Bardi while roaming down the aisles in the Tuesday Morning store.  Anything that says ‘cookies’ catches my attention and the book is round like a cookie so I had to at least look at it.  🙂   When I found a recipe for the oatmeal raisin cookies, I decided to give it a try.  I only tasted one and I liked, but I was making them for my niece and sent the rest of the cookies to her.  Her family liked them so I will keep that recipe in mind whenever I need to make oatmeal cookies again.


Tried out a new recipe recently, in search of a good oatmeal cookie
Author: C. Bardi, Title: Cookies, 60 delicious recipes
Photo from the cookbook
Author: C. Bardi, Title: Cookies, 60 delicious recipes.
Will add this recipe to my 'tried and tested keeper' recipe box.
This is how mine looked like after trying their recipe.  The only change was I did not use raisins.