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Commute: Pittsburgh at night

I decided I needed to get a visit in with the folks and friends in Pittsburgh before the winter snow arrives.  I am not a fan of snowy road trips unless it snows while I’m at work and I HAVE to drive to get home.  I wanted to wait until Thanksgiving but I once experienced that holiday traffic where my 4hr trip turned into 7.5 hours, one way!  I promised myself, NEVER EVER AGAIN will I travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving nor the Sunday after.  Since then I have traveled ON Thanksgiving Day and returned the Saturday after.  Those days seem to be the safest to travel during Thanksgiving….and early in the morning both ways for the road trip.  But this year I am working the day after Thanksgiving so last week’s trip will probably be my last 2015 trip to Pittsburgh.  So, I thought I’d better get some pictures while I was in town.  Now that I’m away from Pittsburgh, I always want to take photos while I’m there.   I seem to see things differently when I’m there.  And things are changing all the time now with new construction, old construction, different people.  It seemed like it never changed all the years I lived there.  Ha ha.  Now, when I return, I notice what’s different.

When I drove into the downtown area, it seemed so dark, not because of the time of day, but because Macy’s/Kaufman’s was dark.  At first I thought it was because of the big reveal for Light Up Night, like they usually do every November.  I used to get so excited about going downtown for Light Up Night.  Then I remembered reading a story about Macy’s/Kaufman’s was closing.  I can’t remember when I read that story but as I was driving past it, I realized they really were closed.  It was sad.  Kaufman’s was there all my life and to see it so dark, this close to Christmas was kind of creepy.  I felt like a stranger for sure because it didn’t seem like the same place.

Since I had to make a detour after seeing the construction, I noticed a lot of different things on the next block.  It felt unrecognizable to me.  But when I arrived at the hotel, checked in, and made it to my room, I was relieved as I opened the curtain and saw this view.

This was the Pittsburgh I remembered.


(Sorry about the dates on the photos.  I forgot to turn that off first).

DSC01119 DSC01129 DSC01135 DSC01137


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