Journal Prompt 111 – Free and Available

What things in life do you think should be free and available to everyone?

Jobs, because everyone needs to be able to work and make their own money to do what they need and want to do.

Education, because having to pay student loans for 10 years is just ridiculous.  Or people not being able to go to college, again, is just ridiculous.

Healthcare, because the cost of getting healthy is ridiculous.

Assistance with certain things, like the law, because again, the cost of being represented in a legal case is ridiculous.


Journal Prompt 110 – Perfect Meal

In detail, tell me about what your perfect meal would be like.
>Main Course

Where would you be?


I’m such a plain (non-adventurous) eater that I would be totally satisfied with a simple meat and potatoes meal.

Barbecue ribs (or salmon),  mashed potatoes (or sweet potato), wheat bread.  I’m good.   That’s what I order when I go to Longhorn’s.

The mashed potatoes taste like the ones my mother used to make.  Love ’em.




Journal Prompt – 109 – First Job

Tell me about your first job. What did you do? How much were you paid? Who did you work with? What were they like? Did you have to wear a uniform?
If you haven’t had a job yet, write a list of ‘first jobs’ you would like and why?


My very first job was as a server.   I’m pretty sure it was just minimum wage that I was making.  I worked with other teenagers and a supervisor.  They all were cool.  We did not have to wear a uniform.

There was a summer lunch program available during  the summer for the kids in the public housing neighborhood.  We had to clean and setup the room everyday before the kids arrived, then again after they left.  We also had to wait for that white refrigerated truck that delivered the boxed meals for the kids. Everyone got excited when the white refrigerated truck showed up.  I think I used to feel the same way when the Good Humor truck showed up with the ice cream.  Once we were ready, the kids arrived at a certain time each day for lunch and we served them, and made sure every kid received a meal to eat that day.

It was an easy summer job but we got to help the kids.  I was 16 years old.  I was excited just to be able to buy my own school clothes that summer because it helped Mom from having to buy school clothes for all three kids.

Journal Prompt 107 – Languages

What other language(s) would you like to learn and why? Now go and find out how to say the following in one of the languages:

“Hello my name is (blank). I am (blank) years old. I live in (blank) with (blank) and I enjoy (blank), (blank), and (blank). Some of my favorite foods are (blank).”

Now introduce yourself to your journal in your new language. Action: This week, take one step towards learning your language of choice.


I mentioned this in another post already…

Italian–already started lessons, want to finish and visit Italy again and be able to understand the locals.

French–had classes years ago.  Need a refresher.

Spanish–had classes years ago.  Second language in the US, need to know how to communicate with Spanish-speaking people.

Chinese–since they pretty much run things commercially in the world, need to know how to communicate with them.  I think it would help in commerce and economics, which was my major 100 years ago.


Italian translation, thanks to Google Translator. 🙂

“Ciao il mio nome è Annie. Sono 51 anni. Io vivo in America. Mi piace la cottura, la fotografia, la scrittura e viaggiare. Alcuni dei miei cibi preferiti sono patate e cheeseburger”

French translation:

“Bonjour mon nom est Annie. Je suis âgé de 51 ans. Je vis en Amérique. J’apprécie la cuisson, la photographie, l’écriture et les voyages. Certains de mes aliments préférés sont les pommes de terre et cheeseburgers”

Spanish translation:

“Hola mi nombre es Annie. Tengo 51 años. Vivo en los Estados Unidos. Me gusta hornear, la fotografía, la escritura y los viajes. Algunos de mis comidas favoritas son las patatas y hamburguesas”

Chinese translation:


“Nǐ hǎo, wǒ jiào ānnī, wǒ 51 suì. Wǒ zhù zài měiguó. Wǒ xǐhuān hōngbèi, shèyǐng, xiězuò hé lǚxíng. Wǒ de yīxiē zuì xǐhuān de shíwù shì tǔdòu hé gānlào”

Journal Prompt 106 – Fears

Tell me about one of your fears. Where does it come from? What happens to you physically and emotionally when you are feeling the fear? How does this fear hold you back?
How could you challenge it? Write about how your life would improve after overcoming the fear.

One of my fears is being stuck or parked on a hill.  I remember when we would be in Mom’s blue car, coming from Giant Eagle in Braddock Hills.  There’s a hill that you have to take to come out of the shopping center out onto the main road, Yost Blvd.  It there was traffic coming up Yost and we had to wait on that ramp, I would just about lose it.  Even though I knew my mother had her foot on the brake as we waiting for the car to pass us by, just knowing the feeling of the car drifting back for a couple of seconds as she took her foot off the brake and onto the gas pedal used to just freak me out.  I always thought we were going to fall down the ramp.

Another hill I remember….we were going to visit someone who lived in North Braddock and their house was on a hill.  If Mom parked on the hill and said ‘stay in the car’, I couldn’t do it.  I was too scared the car was going to fall down the hill.  I would rather get out of the car and go with her or sit on the sidewalk, porch, anywhere.  Or just stand and wait.  I was not about to be sitting in the car on a hill just waiting to die.

I know, drama.

The only way the fear holds me back is I try my best not to park on a hill, but now that I know how to drive and park on a hill, I’m not as scared.  I would still prefer flat land, please.  Thank you!


Journal Prompt 105 – Area

What do you like about the area where you live?

It’s quiet at night.  There’s the usual activity of people coming and going but nothing where I am worried about coming home late at night, or worried about my car being outside, or worried about people who don’t live here lurking around.

It’s a new community and the people seem cool so far.  I only know my immediate neighbors but I watch out the window every now and then to see who comes and goes, and which car they get in and out of and which townhouse they go in and out of.  Just out of curiosity to be aware of my surroundings at the beginning.  Now I could identify the people in our row and in the two buildings across the street.  You never know what you’re going to get in a new community since it was not already established.  Luckily I have decent neighbors on both sides of me so I’m very grateful for that.

It’s accessible to everything and every place I need to get to, except work. It’s about 30 minutes to the airport and the cruise terminal.  It’s about 15 minutes to 95.  It takes me about an hour to get to work though.  I debated about whether or not to take this community over one that was closer to work but in an area I didn’t really want to live in.  Real estate people always say location, location, location are the three key things to finding a house, but I’m glad I chose the neighborhood over proximity to work.  I can deal with a longer drive if I like the neighborhood.



Journal Prompt 104 – Compliments

List some of the compliments you can remember receiving, big and small.

*You’re good at remembering everyone’s birthday.  (He appreciated that.)

*Your cookies must have crack in them, because everyone loves them.  (Drugs?? That was a new one for me.)


I can’t really remember anything else at the moment.


Journal Prompt 103 – What is on your mind?









Journal Prompt 102 – Big leap of faith

Tell me about a time when you took a big leap of faith or change of direction in your life. What motivated it?

The first ‘leap of faith’ I took was moving to Maryland from Pittsburgh, PA.   Right after college I’d been wanting to relocate and that hope went on for years while I felt obligated to stay in Pittsburgh, dealing with my family.  But once my mother passed away, I figured it was now or never.  The only problem with that however was my acceptance to graduate school happened at the same time and after postponing for a semester, I started classes, finished up in a year (2004) , then I had to wait another year (2005) at work or else pay back the tuition.  The minute 2005 was over, I moved  by the end of January 2006.  I didn’t have a job but I had inherited funds to pay for an apartment.  I started working in July 2006 and have been at the same job since. It’ll be 10 years next month.

The second leap of faith was going to a housing fair to gather information about possibly owning a house again.  Thought I had a LOOOOOOOOOONG shot or NOOOOOOOO shot but tried to get the information anyway so I would know once and for all.  It had taken about 5 years to get out of the financial mess I was in.  But today I’m here in my house, still amazed every day that it actually happened.  God showed me what can happen, when I thought I’d never have another house again.

I am so very grateful for both of those direction changes in my life.

Journal Prompt 100–What skills do you want to learn and why?

Wht skills do you want to learn and why?

* I’ve always wanted to learn to play the saxophone because I love that sound. But I don’t own a saxophone.

* I’ve lately wanted to learn to play the guitar because I love a good guitar solo at a concert and think “I wish I could do that!”

* I used to want to learn to play the piano because it’s just beautiful music from a piano. As soon as I heard the word ‘recital’ that was the end for me.

* I need to continue to learn Italian because I find that to be an interesting language and I hope to return to Italy one day.

* I need to refresh my learning for Spanish because it’s been too long since I last used it. That is our second language in the US now so I need to be able to communicate.

* I wish I could learn Chinese because I would like to travel there and be able to communicate there.

* I hope to learn how to make a great viral video for Youtube! That would be cool, as long as it goes viral for a good reason.

* I need to learn how to like exercising because I need to get healthy.

* I need to learn how to be disciplined in other areas of my life because I need to keep the order at home, at work, and just in general.

* I need to learn how to stop second guessing myself when I make decisions because I know that I do enough research to make a good decision. I never used to second guess myself and I don’t know why I’m doing it now.

* I need to apply for a promotion.

* I need to learn how to go to bed at a regular time. It’s 1:31am right now but because tomorrow is still the weekend, I feel free to stay up late and write!!