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Communication: Journal Prompt 8 – Acceptance

Journal Prompt 8

What do you need to accept?


As soon as I read this prompt, I thought “Oh gosh….this might be a long one.”

  • Probably the biggest thing I need to accept is my age. I just don’t feel like I am 51yrs old in my mind. I still think I have enough time, money and vacation time to do all the traveling I want to do, learn all the things I am interested in learning, write all the things I want to write, bake all the new recipes I want to bake and photograph all the things I want to photograph. In my mind, I think I have time, as in another 51 years. My body on the other hand is acting every bit of 51, and older, on some days.
  • I need to accept that people in my life do not want my knowledge/advice. They don’t ask for it, so I need to stop offering it, stop trying to solve their problems.  They will figure it all out on their own, as they should because it’s their lives and everyone needs to be able to figure it out for themselves.
  • I need to accept that the person I refer to as “the one that got away” is no longer a part of my life. It is so very hard to accept because I miss him so very much.  Just like the song by Chicago, “Hard habit to break”.  I have always loved that song.   I can’t even tell you if I met him before I ever heard that song or if I heard the song before I met him.  I don’t remember.   Either way….Every time I hear it, I think of him, without fail. Every.  Single.  Time.


What do you need to accept?