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Communication: Journal Prompt 4 – Earliest Memory

Journal Prompt 4

Tell me about one of your earliest memories. Write down anything you can remember.


When I think back to my childhood, for some reason I have one certain image in my head and it’s of a playground.  My grandmother lived on the first floor of the same building we lived.  We would play in that playground that was in front of her window.
This old playground,  before the new renovation playground was built years later,  had only two or three swings, a sliding board and I think some bouncy thing for little kids. I could be wrong about that bouncy thing though.  It could have been something motionless.   I can’t remember exactly.
It was never a crowded playground, which was great for a child who preferred being inside the house reading or something else.   But at least it was a “no lines, no waiting” type of playground. 🙂