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Communication: Journal Prompt 3

Journal Prompt 3

Combine one prompt from each column to create a plot line for a short story.


On the 11:00 train from London to Paris
an under-appreciated personal assistant
discovers a shocking secret.

She’s dreamed of a trip to Paris for years but a trip to Europe seemed like nothing but a dream for her. Traveling internationally was not something that her family did. In fact the people in her hometown barely traveled from the East to the West, South or North sections of the city, much less any trip that requires a passport. Passport??? Who has that when you come from the PJs?
But she set in her mind that one day she would travel when she could afford to make it happen. Then it dawned on her one day that she could possibly be invited to fly to Paris. And a minute later the truth smacked her dead in the face. That would never happen to her. Ever.

But let’s pretend….Would she be ready for the place advertised as the most romantic city if she ever was to be invited? No, because she didn’t have a passport. So she applied for a passport even though she had no savings for such a trip. She believed in her heart, she would get to take an international trip. Two years later, she was able to afford to go to London for six days. Money was still a little tight so she couldn’t really afford overnight in Paris after 6 days in London. She managed a day trip train ride from London to Paris.
As the train rolled into Paris, she discovered a shocking secret. Paris was full of graffiti around the train station, just like any other city in the United States. There was nothing romantic at all about her first impression of Paris.

This was not in the brochure.