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Communication: Journal Prompt 13 – Waiting

Journal Prompt 13

What are you waiting for?


  • A big snowfall, as long as I am home, safe and all the utilities remain on and fully functioning.  Since we had 70 degrees on Christmas Day, I am guessing we’re probably going to pay for that one any day now.
  • The day I finally am done with social anxiety.  I started to say introversion, but I think my being an introvert protects me from some of the madness in life.  It’s the social anxiety that gets to me.
  • My favorite song to pop up on this iTunes shuffle.  Life is nothing without music.
  • To finally get a totally organized house.  I’ve been off the track for a long time during my apartment living and I need to get back on track this year.
  • People in my life to realize I honestly want what is best for them all and have only tried to help.

I am sure there are more things, but that’s all that came to mind during this writing.  I may add to it later.


What are you waiting for?