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Communication: Journal Prompt 12 – Lottery

Journal Prompt 12

Make a list of all the things you would do or buy if you won the lottery jackpot.


Since we had the 1.5 BILLION dollar Powerball lottery earlier this month, many people were talking about what they would do. I remember hearing someone on the radio say she would change her face. I thought that was a bit extreme but then I started thinking about all that would happen with winning the lottery.
Most states in the US except maybe 6 or 7, have it as a rule that the winner has to be identified because they want people to know that a real person won. But doing that would make it public and make you a target. So I could see why she would want to change her face, in a way. Wouldn’t that change all of your relationships though? No one you know now would know you.

Ok….what would I do?

First sit and figure out what MY OWN plan would be for my life from that point on. How much for savings, real estate, how much needed to pay my bills, my car, house,  and loan off. How much to give to my family and friends.

Then hire the appropriate people….lawyers, security, etc.

Pay tithes and a donation to the church.

Do everything I’ve just mentioned.


What would you do or buy if you won the lottery?