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Communication: Journal Prompt 99 – What inspires you?

What inspires you?


I am inspired by people who work hard no matter their situation because they know it’ll all pay off in the end.   I try to live my life that way.

I am inspired by people who don’t let setbacks discourage them from their goals.  Setbacks my be speed bumps that slow you down a little, but you have to keep going.  Having goals will keep you going, but a lot of people don’t sit down, take time, and figure out what their goals are in the first place.  You have to do that first, or else, why are you working?  What are you working towards?

I am inspired by people who stay focused on the vision for their life and don’t let the manipulators who pretend to be for you, keep you from your destiny.  People are easily swayed by people that have nothing, know nothing and aren’t doing anything for themselves, let alone doing anything productive for anyone else, and don’t want YOU to make progress because then they can’t control you and your future.  That only happens when you let them. Stand up for yourself and your vision.

Success inspires me.


2 thoughts on “Communication: Journal Prompt 99 – What inspires you?”

  1. My kids inspire me to be a better woman and mother. To know that they’ll always be taken care of. They make me want to do better in life and im going to give them better.