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Communication: Journal Prompt 96 – Sagittarius

Write out your star sign and description. Does your personality match your star sign description? What other star signs do you feel describe you? Make up your own, choose 5 of the personality traits you like the most and invent a name and symbol.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec.21)
The Archer
Generous, witty, honest, daring, friendly, confident, optimistic, argumentative, blunt, fun loving.


Absolutely generous—-I help people when I can.  I think my family will vouch for me on that one.

Witty—I believe I am funny and other people seem to think so too.

Honest—beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Truth is important to me.  Can’t stand when people lie to me as I don’t lie to other people.

Daring—-seems in my older age, I’m getting a little more daring, like starting this blog, getting on youtube, going parasailing…all this year too.

Friendly—I am friendly towards people if I feel I can trust them but I do need help in seeking out friends.   I don’t put much effort into that.  I guess because I’m ok with myself/by myself so I don’t feel like I HAVE to have a bunch of people around me like some other personalities who live off the energy of other people.  I am opposite of that.  I need to recover after being around a bunch of people for a while.  And that is the definition of an introvert. 🙂

Confident—I could definitely use help with this one.  I used to be 100% confident and at some point I lost that and still haven’t regained it.  I’m getting better now by putting myself out there more though.

Optimistic—-at times.  I am hopeful because without hope you can’t be optimistic, but I’m more of a realistic person than optimistic.  I think being more realistic protects me from blind optimism where it might get unreasonable.

Argumentative—-not by nature because I don’t like confrontation, but if someone is dead wrong and a hazard to themselves or others, they need to know. lol

Blunt—-95% blunt, all day.  That 5% is saved for when I am trying not to hurt someone’s feelings.

Fun loving—I love fun.  My idea of fun is different than most people’s idea of fun.  So people may not think I am fun loving because it isn’t their kind of fun.