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Communication: Journal Prompt 93-Dream home

Describe in detail a walkthrough of your dream home. Do not forget any outside spaces. How would you decorate it? Any stand out pieces of furniture? Even include a rough sketch of the floor plan.

If I knew the answers to this question….my current house would be done, but it’s not.   I am thinking this house could be my dream house.

The things I would change:

Cover the balcony….need some shade in the summer.

Add a driveway instead of street parking, although I do have a garage so that’s cool.

Add one more bedroom, because I used one up for my office, and I need space for a photography studio but don’t want to give up my guest room.

More space on the balcony to add a hammock.  Still in search of one that will fit.



2 thoughts on “Communication: Journal Prompt 93-Dream home”

  1. Nice post! I find that many are searching for something bigger or better when what they have is just as appealing. I , too, have used up one guestroom for an office, but I’d love a cozy space for me to write.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Michelle! It was nice meeting you yesterday at the meetup. I will check out your blog when it isn’t already after midnight. 🙂