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Communication: Journal Prompt 92-Wrong assumptions

Tell me about one assumption that people make about you that is just not true. Why do you think they assume this? How does it make you feel?

People think I don’t like kids because I don’t have kids.

That is SOOOOOO not true.  I LOVE kids.  They fascinate me.  I even think I would have been a great mother.  But at this age I am not trying to have kids.  I’m trying to spend my time doing stuff I want to do, not be bogged down with a person that I have to tend to for 18 years.  I don’t even know if I’m going to be alive for the next 18 years.  lol  That is such a long commitment to me.  That’s the part I have a problem with….the amount of time that decision would cost me.

How does it make me feel?   It doesn’t bother me because it’s their opinion.  A wrong one, but still their opinion to have.  Nothing I can do to change that.