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Communication: Journal Prompt 89 – Treats under $10

Think of 10 different ways you could treat yourself with less than $10. Action: Do one of them this week.

  1. Going to the movies.  (I think they’re still barely under $10.  Haven’t been in a while though.  I might be shocked by the prices on my next visit to the theater.)

2.  Taking a walk around the lake in Laurel.  The next time I go, I will try to record it and post a video.

This veda challenge has me wanting to record everything on video now.

3.  Talenti sea salt caramel gelato.  No more words needed except YUMMY!

4.  A trip to the library.   Yay for free library cards and being able to check out books.

5.  A metro ride to DC to visit the monuments

6.  While in DC, spending a day in a couple of the free museums.

7. Sitting down to actually read a book at home.  Sometimes seems like a luxury when I have housework I should be doing.

8.  Listening to my music with my headphones and dancing around the house.

9.  Taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon.

10.  Catching up on my blog that I have neglected since starting these veda videos on YouTube.  Must find balance on managing my time to do both.


What treats can you do for less than $10?