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Communication: Journal Prompt 88 – High School

Tell me about your time at High School. What are some of your best memories? Who did you spend most of your time with? What were they like? What did you have in common?

What fashion trends and popular cries swept through your school while you were there? If you had to be defined by one subject n school during your high school years which subject would it have been? What did you want to be when you left high school?

Best memories from high school……Senior dinner dance.  Graduation.  Report card time….to make sure all my A’s were still there. lol  Mike, Nick, Dominic, Greg. I couldn’t even tell you where any of them are now but while in high school they were SO CUTE!  Especially Dominic.  Lawd Jesus!  And he was so in love with Tricia.  Funniest thing ever.

Spent most of my time with my high school BFF,  Polly.  We are still friends all these years later.  We always kept in touch when I was in college and she was in the Air Force, then college.  I think that is what kept us friends.  No matter what was going on in our lives, we always kept it touch and always got together when she came home from the Air Force or I came home school.  Our moms were friends so we were friends from the beginning of time.

What we had it common…..Education/school was a big thing.  Our parents were all about us getting our education and we were the best two students in our school district!  lol  Seriously, we were.  Look at us now…..seems like we were the only two who made it out of the Bottom in one piece, without a bunch of kids, criminal men in our lives, and all that madness in between.  Maybe having a buddy who’s on your intellectual level and has career goals helps keep you both out of trouble.  Paula is definitely my reality check friend!  Always encouraging and inspiring to each other.  And we always had that ‘Each one, teach one” mindset to try to help the family move forward as much as possible.  Sharing our knowledge to help family, when they are receptive.