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Communication: Journal Prompt 82 – Spend a Million

How would you spend $1,000,000 in fun and creative ways if it was handed to you right now? No saving it, paying off debts or donating it. You must spend-spend-spend!


Of course everyone knows what I would do…..TRAVEL!

I’d buy a private jet though, first of all.  I could just meet with a pilot and give him my schedule for the year, because I would need to plan.  Every single weekend I would not be home. Why stay home when you have a private jet?!?!?

Traveling every weekend for a year will probably kill that million dollars pretty quickly.  Shopping everywhere I traveled to, of course, would be necessary.  Because when that year is up or the money runs out, I need some physical memories/keepsakes to add to my house as reminders of all those times.

How would you answer these questions?