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Communication: Journal Prompt 81 – Pets

Tell me about a pet you had growing up or a friend’s pet. What were they? What was their name? What were they like? Energetic, lazy, loving, scary? Stick in a photo if you have one.

We didn’t have a pet while growing up.  Was I deprived?  lol

However, I have had two cats.

Pictures 395Keiko…..this is the cat my Grams called “Hankty” because she did what cats do, ignored people. She would sit on the steps, away from the family.  She couldn’t be bothered, I guess. I liked her though.  She was a funny cat.  Unfortunately, when I relocated to Maryland, the apartment complex I was moving too didn’t allow pets.  Another one I looked at wanted $500 for a pet security deposit, then another $200 a month for pet rent.  The rent I had to pay was enough at $1230.  I couldn’t exactly afford more money for anything else.  So I took her back to the shelter for someone else to adopt her.  I felt so bad about the fact that I couldn’t afford to bring her to Maryland with me.    This is the cat that would do something wrong and look at me with those eyes like “It wasn’t me, it was that other cat.”  This photo was when she was standing in front of this photo organizer that had a picture of her in it when she was hiding under the living room glass table behind a bag.  You can see her eyes much better in the photo organizer than what I took.  She also used to like to lay on the steps when I was trying to do my laundry.  I think she was trying to make me fall down the steps to kill me.   Ha ha.  She also stuck her hand in my printer and broke it.  AND….in the dark, she used to freak me out because all I could see were those creepy eyes.  Had to keep a bell on her as she would sneak up on me all the time.  We fought about that bell.  She’d take it off, I’d put it back on her.. We went back and forth about that bell.

Pictures 480

Mr. Twister…..this was the first cat I adopted.  I think my nieces helped me name him because he would twist around and around when they waved a feather at him.   He was much more fun and personable than Keiko.  Just look at how comfortable he was laying in this picture.   He was so tiny when I brought him home and it took us both some time to adjust to each other.  I’d never had a pet before.  He would walk by me and I’d make a sudden movement and he’s dang near jump on the ceiling.  That used to crack me up.  We had fun with Twister.  He was a fun cat.  Unfortunately, he got sick one day.  I still don’t know how it happened.  I came home from work and he was lying on the floor.  He hadn’t moved much.  I picked him up and he was so light….like no life left in him.  I took him to the vet and he didn’t make it.  I remember asking if I could bring the nieces to say goodbye to him and the vet/nurse? said he was already frozen. My mouth hit the floor. That was in Dec. 2002.  I only remember that because my mom died in April 2003.  So it was just me and the creepy hankty cat Keiko left in the house.

I miss both my cats but I haven’t had another pet since then.  Now that I’m in a house and not an apartment, I could get a pet.  But if I can’t have those two again, why bother?

What about your pets?