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Communication: Journal Prompt 78 – Rescue from fire

Excluding people and pets what 5 things would you rescue from a fire? Why is each so important to you?

Random and practical list……

  1. My laptop.  I would be lost without it because of my writing and photographs.
  2. My Sony camera.  Of all the cameras I have, that one has become my favorite and I’ve only had it a year.
  3. My passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and credit cards.  Trying to replace any of that stuff is a hassle, I have heard.  Plus, in an emergency, all of that stuff comes in handy, especially a credit card.
  4. My car keys so I can drive away from the fire safely and to a hotel
  5. My homeowner’s insurance policy so I can rebuild.


Favorite Items….

  1.  My gray Pirates hooded sweatshirt  That is THE most comfortable piece of clothing I own.  I’ve had it at least 12 years and it looks like it, but I LOVE that thing.
  2. My black pullover Pirates hooded jacket.  Can’t remember how long I’ve had it but it’s best for the rain, cool temperatures, and something to wear when I don’t want to carry a purse because it has this huge zippered pocket in the front.  I feel like a kangaroo, lol….but I LOVE that thing too.
  3. My 2 pairs of black skinny pants.  I never had them before last year and never thought they would look good on me but I think they do.  Every time I wear them, someone says I look like I lost weight.  Who wouldn’t like those kind of clothes?!?!  I feel good in them too.
  4. My ceramic family thing.  I may have mentioned it in an earlier blog post.  I can’t remember.  I will look back and see….and if I didn’t already, I will post about it.
  5.  My Pentax camera.  As bulky as it seems now that I’ve switched to a pocket camera, I still love that camera.
  6. My favorite pen.  Well, practically every pen is my favorite.  I can’t get enough of pens and paper.   I buy them every year like I’m going back to school with the kids.  I love the new-ness of a fresh pen and the possibility of writing something great.  I love the blank paper and possibility of cranking something out under pressure.  I just like the act of handwriting, the pen gliding across the ruled paper.  The letters that come from the ink of the pen.  The motion of it all.  The way my hand feels before, during and after a long handwriting session.   The way my eyes check that the words are clear and the letters are just right.  Just everything.  People usually complement my writing too and I never really think anything of it, until they mention it.  The doctor at the wound care center mentioned it two days ago, which surprised me.  I was in Wal-Mart last night and wandered down that innkeeper aisle for no good reason.  But after about 5 minutes of looking, I didn’t buy any because I remembered that container on my desk is already full of ink pens.  Still, it was a miracle that I walked away with none.
  7. My journals.