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Communication: Journal Prompt 77–Nudge in the right direction

Write a letter in your journal (you don’t have to send) thanking someone who gave you great advice or a nudge in the right direction. Tell them how you used their advice.

Dear Uncle Sonny,

I know you meant well in pushing me to go to graduate school right after undergraduate school, but I had so many obligations at the time that I needed to earn an income first.
Looking back I probably should have gone straight to graduate school, because it took me YEARS to finally get back to school.  But I eventually did and got my MBA/MIS.   I probably would have been further along, career-wise, had I listened, but like I said, I had other obligations and a lot of pressure on me at the time.

Now, I am glad your talks stayed in my head all those years because I did accomplish that goal and if has affected my life as it is today, for the better.

Thank you!