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Communication: Journal Prompt 72 – Obituary

Write out your own ideal obituary for when you are really old and have peacefully passed away in your sleep. Who do you want to be dearly missed by? What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want your list of achievements to have been? Imagine you could oversee your funeral, what would you want to over hear people saying about you?

Note:  This exercise can bring up ambitions and a sense of purpose you were not aware of before.  So take hold of it and use to create starting points for your life right now and make a list of the things you would need to do in order to earn this amazing send off and remembrance.


Ok, this isn’t a fun topic at all and I don’t want to do it, but let’s just hurry up and get past this.

Annie The Journaler
Age 100, originally of Braddock, PA, on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2064  No one’s beloved wife.   No one’s loving mother.  Survived by no grandkids and no great grandkids.  She won’t be missed by anyone.  Ok, maybe her other relatives but not her own family because she never had one. And maybe her friends if they’re still alive.

Annie was a member of Christian Temple Church of Pittsburgh, but hadn’t really joined a new church when she relocated.  She occasionally attended a few different churches in the area but never felt connected to another church.   She  mostly watched Mt. Ararat online on Sundays.  Although, she still felt she had a personal relationship with God.

Annie was also a member of a few Photography Meetups,  and a Blogging Meetup in the DMV area to keep interest in her hobbies.

Annie was most known for her cookie baking.  She would bake whenever the mood struck her, and surprise her family, friends, co-workers with homebaked treats, because she knew if she left those cookies in the house, she’d eat them all throughout the week by herself. There was no one there to stop her, so she would just make sure someone else got to enjoy them.  Annie would also want to be remembered for help willingness to help friends and family when they needed help with whatever situation they had going on. We all need help from each other every now and then.

Annie spent most of her 100 years of life actually traveling, dreaming about traveling, researching for traveling, and booking her trips.  It was almost like a game for her to put together a trip.  Planning that trip to Italy was fun for her. She should probably have been a travel agent.  Seriously.  That’s how much she was always thinking about traveling….where can she go next.

And now, today, she takes her last trip, hopefully to Heaven.  She will surely be glad to see her mother and grandfather again.