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Communication: Journal Prompt 70 – Feel good songs

What are some of your favorite feel good songs? Do any of them have special meanings to you? Create a play list.

Gotta Be – Des’ree  I used to listen to this on repeat the night before I had to do public speaking.  It would just pump me up to be ready to do it.   Here’s a video.  https://youtu.be/pO40TcKa_5U

Happy – Pharrell   At the time this song came out, I was going through something and I wasn’t happy about certain stuff.   I started watching some of the videos he made where they recorded people dancing to it while walking down the street and they recorded 24 separate videos in 1-hour increments.  It ended up being about 15 plays of the song on one video.  After watching just 1 hr video and hearing the song 15 times in a row, it was pretty much in my head for good.  But I was always in a good mood when I was done for that hour.

Anyway, I liked the 9am hour video at 52:05 minute mark.  That little girl with the blue bow…..I loved  her.  First she reminded me of my niece’s oldest daughter.  Second I was thinking while watching her, we all should feel so free to wear those colors and that bow if we want to. 🙂

Then the 5am video at the very beginning with Magic Johnson.  I am not even a basketball fan, but I LOVED that he had a room dedicated to his achievements….his championship rings, his championship trophies, everything.  Loved it!  We all should have a space (large or small) in our house dedicated to our accomplishments.  That makes me want to hang up my diplomas, degrees, certificates, everything!  Ha ha

Those are the only two I can think of at the moment, but I am SURE I will come back and edit this post to add more songs as I think of them.