I was here

Communication: Journal Prompt 69 – 5 minutes free write

Set a timer for 5 minutes, now for the full 5 minutes do not stop writing. Whatever thoughts cross your mind write them down, do not censor yourself or worry about spelling and punctuation. Just clear all of the mental clutter out onto the page. After the 5 minutes relax and reward yourself.


Whew….ok.  Here go.

So I’m just sitting here with the tv on for background noise, not really watching it but listening to the NFL network.  I hadn’t planned to watching that.  I was watching Family Food on the DVR but it went off and I never put the dvr back on.

Before that, loaded the dishwasher but don’t want to hear that noise right now so I’ll run it before I go to bed.

Got a call from a contractor that works for Lowes to schedule a measurement for my garage door and then schedule them to install my garage door opener.  Don’t really want to pay that price of installation but I also don’t want someone that says they can do it and they mess it up, then mess up my garage door itself.  That cost of a new garage door is WAY more than the installation for an opener so I would rather do it this way.  I’m so excited about finally getting a garage door opener.  I’ve never had a garage period until this house but for a year and three months I have been opening and closing the garage door by hand, which only bothers me when it’s raining. Otherwise I’m fine with it.  But it would be nice to just be able to pull in/back in to my garage every night and not have to worry about fighting for parking space on our street.  It was easy when only two rows of townhouses were up here, but that couldn’t last, of course because they are building up the community.  Since then they’ve finished three other rows of townhouses and putting another one up right now.  Those people will probably be moving in their new homes in May.  Just in time for summer when people start entertaining, and having visitors.  So I expect more cars fight for parking spaces out front.  My car will be the garage, thank you very much.  I’m really going to love it in the winter.