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Communication: Journal Prompt 59 – Eavesdrop

Today eavesdrop on a conversation for a few moments. Use what they were talking about as a starting point and continue their story in your journal. Change the names if you know the people.


One of the problems with working in an office with cubicles is you can overhear EVERYTHING practically.  You can hear when people come into their cube, leave their cube, every cough, sneeze, and almost every swallow while they eat their lunch.

Yesterday at work, I overheard this:  “Well, they are reacting to minutiae without an understanding of a great scheme.”

I imagined the rest of the conversation to be:

I have been working here for nearly 40 years I know how things should be done around here.  These people come and go and no one really knows what’s going on, so when they find one stupid little thing to worry about, they run with that one stupid little thing for months, while the bigger picture of the whole project just gets left behind.  Poor project management, poor management period.

I can’t wait to retire this year to finally get away from these people. They don’t know what they’re doing anymore and it frustrates me.  Retirement can’t come fast enough.





2 thoughts on “Communication: Journal Prompt 59 – Eavesdrop”

    1. Almost what time? I was ‘pretending’ to finish the conversation for the person I over heard. He is always talking about retiring this year.
      I’m not retiring….well, yet. I have another 14 years to go. lol