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Communication: Journal Prompt 58 – Self-doubt

Tell me about something you want to do or try but your little nagging & self-doubting voice tells you not to. Making you hesitate to even take the first step.

What reasons does it come up with? Let it have full control for a few moments; write down all the doubts it brings up. Now put a line through or scribble out each of its objections and stick an image representing your desire over their words. On top of the image write about how good proving that little critical voice wrong will feel.


As I mentioned in Prompt 51, I want to try VEDA, vlogging every day in April on Youtube, this year.  Between now and then I will have changed my mind a hundred times because of that self-doubting voice telling me not to do it, not to make a fool of myself online, on Youtube where other people can watch, judge, and criticize.  I let that self-doubt win last April 2015 and August 2015 and I did not participate in VEDA.

Reasons that self-doubting voice comes up with?  Maybe no one will watch, no one will care, no one will be interested, I won’t be interesting enough, someone will judge how I look or what I say, someone will criticize if I screw up, I will quit before I finish so why start?  Yes, all of that went on in my head last year.

But as you get older you really do stop caring about a lot of different things.  Or maybe it’s not that I don’t care, I just figure, “Oh, why not?”   It’s not like any of us have an unlimited amount of time here on earth.  Later eventually comes.

I will say this…..with every day that I post a video on Youtube, I will be one step closer to accomplishing the goal of putting myself on video everyday for a month.  And as soon as Veda is over, I will probably delete them all. lol

I am looking forward to doing VEDA and hope you will check out my Youtube channel to see how badly this could go.  Luckily I can laugh at myself, so feel free to laugh along with me (or at me!) on April 1st.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Communication: Journal Prompt 58 – Self-doubt”

  1. For the past couple years I’ve been saying I want to try to get back to school. Although I have my certification as a medical biller and coder or go back for cosmetology.

    Thinking about it, I don’t want the issues that have kept me back in the past which is problems with babysitting. I know it’s not really an issue now but back then that was an issue and a half.

    I told myself if I can get though at least a year then I can accomplish what I want and that’s to get back into cosmetology. The doubt that makes me wanna quit is my old teacher decides to let me know years later that I no longer have hours from high school. Then had the audacity to tell me I should’ve thought about it a long time ago. I wanted to go thru the phone and choke her. So I just hung up on her before I said something I shouldn’t have.

    With this said,I’m going to try to get back into school this summer and see how it works. With me luck!