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Communication: Journal Prompt 55 – Impossible to Possible

Tell me about a time when you made what had once seemed impossible, possible.


Let me just start off by saying I am not the one who made anything in my life possible.  It was all God!

But I also believe things happen because I do my part in being prepared for what God may bring to my life.  I think things don’t happen for people because they aren’t prepared and they don’t think things are possible.

At one time I didn’t think being a homeowner again was possible, but it happened after I faced the music on the financial mess I was in related to the first house.

At one time I didn’t think I’d ever be able to buy a car again, but after going a few years without a car payment, I was able to save up the money and get one.

At one time I didn’t think I’d ever have another credit card again, but after going a few years paying only cash for EVERYTHING, I learned to live without using credit at all.  The first time I applied for one after moving in this house, I was approved. I think once you own a house, creditors practically throw plastic money at you.  I get so much mail now about loans and credit cards that it’s just ridiculous.  So you have to stay in control and not be tempted by any of it.  A couple are ok and necessary because things will break in a house, but after that, every piece of solicitation is junk mail for the trash.

At one time I thought I might have to file bankruptcy.  If my paperwork was organized, I could have. lol  But my unorganized procrastinator self was never prepared to meet with someone about filing bankruptcy so I never did.  Luckily…..procrastination paid off that time.

So yes there have been some impossible things that I’ve had to deal with but God brought me through them all and I listened and learned my lessons.





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  1. At one point in time I didn’t think I could get another car after going a year without one. I got a car last year and not once it went out on me. I’m thankful that I still have it.