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Communication: Journal Prompt 54 – Superhero

What would your superhero power of choice be? What would you do with your amazing super power? What would your hero or super heroine name be? What would your costume be like?

Or if you wanted to become a super villain what would your name be? What would your abilities and ambitions be? Describe your secret lair where you make all your plans for world domination.


Definitely teleportation.  Just to be able to be somewhere else in the blink of an eye, maybe I could stop some of the bad stuff from happening in the world.  If I knew something was happening that shouldn’t be happening, teleport myself to that location and stop it.   A super heroine name??  Oh gosh.  I don’t know. Captain Annie Alright. lol   That’s all I can think of….I told you, not creative!  Then I can just come and make it alright, whatever it is.  Costume?  Whatever is versatile enough to deal with all kinds of weather because I am sure I’d be in different climates back and forth.