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Communication: Journal Prompt 53 – Difficult situation

Tell me about a time you overcame a difficult situation? What did you learn?


Right now I feel like I’m in a difficult situation about this blog.

Should I continue with this blog?

Does anyone care that I’m doing this blog or what I’m writing about?

Is anyone reading this blog?

Do I have the right format?

Am I posting too much with a journal prompt per day?

Am I not posting enough?

Am I blogging for the right reasons?

Is my content ok?

Should I share it with the rest of my contacts on Facebook and Twitter?

These are all questions that have been hovering about my head this month.

2 thoughts on “Communication: Journal Prompt 53 – Difficult situation”

  1. I had $50 to last me for the last two weeks of the month. I needed food, gas,and bills. I had no more food stamps. It was difficult for me just bc I had to choose between the two. So I stretched it to the best of my ability and was able to get a little of everything I needed.