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Communication: Journal Prompt 52 – Nearest window details

Look out of the nearest window and write in vivid detail what you can see starting from left to right. Imagine you are telling someone who is not tall enough to look out of the window, use as much detail as possible.


On the far left, there is another row of townhomes being built.  It’s only the 4th row on our street.  They have the frame up to the third floor, so far.  The people should be moving in by May.   I wish I could have recorded it all on video.  Here is a super short clip. Clip8

There’s a gazebo between that new row and the row that was finished about a year ago.  After that there is another row that was finished before my row was finished.  They moved in before us.  And across the street is a big apartment complex that I wish wasn’t so close.  Different mindset amongst renters than homeowners sometimes.  After working for the housing authority, and all the apartments I have lived in myself, I know how different it is.

So what can you see out of your nearest window?