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Communication: Journal Prompt 51 – Scary/challenging

Make a list of all the things you want to do, try to experience that you would find scary and challenging at the time, but would feel amazing after having conquered them.

Such as Cage dived with a great white shark, bungee jumped, held a tarantula spider or snake, solo dined in a busy restaurant, sang at a karaoke bar etc.

Ignore any money or logistic limitations; just write down your dream list in no particular order.

*That’s funny in the example they mention solo dined in a busy restaurant.  That is one thing that I absolutely hate doing, but will do it occasionally to try to get over that fear and to prove it’s not going to kill me.  I’m more likely to do it while on vacation though because it’s easier to do when you know no one in that city.  It’s easier to do a lot of things in other cities.  lol

*Around March 2015, I heard about “VEDA” on YouTube.   If you’re not familiar with it, VEDA stands for Vlogging Every Day in April/August.  So basically you just record a 3-5 minute video of yourself everyday for a month and post it on Youtube, either following a prompt to answer or finding something specific to record.  Seems easy enough, right?

I wanted to participate in April 2015 but after I recorded a couple of videos and watched them,  I never uploaded them to YouTube.  I totally chickened out on putting myself out there, even though it was nothing major.  It’s not like people don’t see me everyday outside, so what’s the big deal?  But it made me uncomfortable enough to not post them.   I just have to get used to seeing myself on camera.  And I think doing VEDA will help with that.

So, here it is, a year later and I’m going to do it!   YES!  I am going to do VEDA in April!   I say that now, in February, when I’m all gung ho to do it.  Let’s see what I do on April 1st.  Let’s see if I actually upload a video to post to my Youtube account.   I have to challenge myself on this one because I am so used to and comfortable with being behind the camera that I’m not comfortable at all being in front of the camera for photos, so you know video is even worse for me.  Gotta get over the fear though and the only way to get over it is by doing it.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!

So now that I’ve said it out lough/told you all, I guess I have to actually do it, right?   Anybody interested in doing VEDA in April too?

*I feel like I should apply for a promotion at my job, even though I am not 100% sure I want it.  Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?   But at my age and this point in my life, I’m not interested in being anyone’s supervisor, especially where I work.  I’d rather just do my job and go home so I can do what I want in my spare time.  I do not want to have my non-work time filled with madness related to work.    In my 30s?  Yes.  Would have been all over that.  In my 40s, maybe.    Now in my 50s, I don’t have time for people’s BS, AND my work-life balance is far too important to me now.

* I need to get back to the 365 photo project.  Even though I take my camera everywhere I go, I don’t actually pull it out of my bag to take photos unless that was my reason for being outside in the first place, or if I see something that I just HAVE to photograph or videotape.  Twice I’ve started the 365 project and didn’t even come close to finishing. As much as I like photography, I don’t know why I struggle with that project.  Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like I’m creative enough to come up with something different to photograph everyday for a year. I need some creativity granted to me from the heavens above. lol

Maybe I just can’t commit to long-term projects.

–Well, it’s not exactly a long LIST of things, only four things that I could think of at the moment.

*****What scary or challenging thing would you like to try?