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Communication: Journal Prompt 50 – Regret

Tell me about something you regret. Then after tell me about what letting go of this regret would do for your wellbeing.

Or tell me about a mistake you have made in your life. Big or small. What happened? Was it really that bad? Beneath it tell me at least 3 good things to come out of the situation. Circumstances, experiences, lessons learned or any new opportunities?


I regret not saying something to someone at a moment when I should have cursed them all the way out!   But it’s never worth getting my blood pressure up and having a medical issue over someone else’s mess.  I have enough going on that I don’t need to aggravate anything medically.   Nobody is worth my health.

I usually hold certain things in to keep myself from going too far off on people because I know if I ever get started, I won’t stop.  It won’t just be the one thing they did that day, it will be everything they ever did to me.  I know that is within me.   It’s like a dam holding the force of all the water in.  But at some point, it’s going to burst and it won’t be good for the adult that pushes that button.  I’m pretty level-headed, reasonable and rational, despite what people have done, luckily, for them.


Is there anything you regret?