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Communication: Journal Prompt 46 – Gramps

Tell me about someone you miss. Either someone who has passed away, moved or you simply drifted apart from. What experiences did you share? How did they make you feel? What did you learn from them?

Write a letter in your journal to them updating them on your life since you last saw them.


I miss my Gramps.  He passed away in 1992 at the age of 75 and that was 24 years ago, so had been alive today, he would be 99 years old right now.   NINETY-NINE!  Wow.

I remember he lived in the senior building in the same community we lived in while I was growing up.  He was always calm.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him upset, unless he sent me to the store and I came home with a smashed loaf of bread.  I had to go back to the store if I did.  Even now when I go to the grocery store, I’m looking out for the bread not to get smashed, out of habit.

I would help him with whatever he needed help with….keeping his medicines in order, making sure his business mail was taken care of, paying his bills on time.   I think I mentioned in an older post that he was the one that told me to “always pay who you owe in case you ever need to borrow again”.  At that time I probably didn’t completely get it because I was young and you know how it is when you’re young.  You think you know everything.  Well, I learned later just how true that statement was.  Even something as simple as credit cards.  If you get a credit card, pay that bill on time every month and you can always use that card.  If you don’t pay it, you can’t use the card.  Plain and simple.  If you borrow money from someone and promise to pay it back and don’t pay it back, the day will come when you just won’t be able to get help from that person again.  But if you had only paid them back when you said you would, you could have borrowed again.

I specifically remember walking near the senior hi-rise building (“A Building”) that he lived in and he would be sitting outside on the stomp just watching the world go by.  They had a landing and steps but not exactly a porch to sit on and enjoy the outside, so this stump was a favorite spot for him to sit, especially when it was shaded that day.  If I were on my way up to Braddock Avenue for anything, and walked past his building, he more than likely would be sitting out there, just chilling.  I’d stop and chat with him for a few minutes.   You never know what words of wisdom an older person can give you in a casual conversation. You just have to pay attention.