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Communication: Journal Prompt 40 – 13yr old self

Journal Prompt 40
In your journal write a letter to yourself at 13 years old. What advise would you give?


Dear Ann,

Even though the age of 13 is a milestone of becoming a teenager, and your teenage years will be “interesting”, it’s just the beginning of what will be quite a ride for you as you go from your current 8th grade, through high school, through undergraduate school and through graduate school.  Pace yourself for all of the studying over the years.  🙂

Continue to not give in to peer pressure during this time because being popular and boys’ attention are not the most important things that will happen in your school life before you graduate. Continue to be smart about the people you call your friends.  Getting mixed up with the wrong crowd will take you off your path and progression towards the kind of future you want and deserve in your adult life.

Stay on your path.  Things will work out.