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Communication: Journal Prompt 39 – Best gift

Journal Prompt 39
Tell me about one of the best gifts you have ever received.


That would have to be the time when my friend PH cooked the food for my housewarming party.

I am not a cook.  I don’t pretend to be a cook.  I do try to cook from time to time because I have to eat dinner, but I’d much rather go to a good restaurant and enjoy that meal that someone else cooks.  When I do cook, it’s an all day event and after that I don’t want to do it again for a long time.

So my friend offered to cook for the housewarming party and I was so freaking happy about that because she saved the day and my money by giving me that gift.

The guests LOVED all the food she made so everyone was happy!  Best gift ever!

Another gift is anytime my brother helps me.  Usually if I have to ask anyone to help, it’s important to me to get that task done and most times he is able to help me out.  Saved the day for me a few times and I am glad I have been able to return that favor.

My brother and sister and I do tend to help each other out when we really need to, so we have stuck together in that manner, even though we’re now in three different states.