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Communication: Journal Prompt 36 – How are you?

Journal Prompt 36
How are you?


I don’t even know where to begin with this one.   Truly it depends on how I’m feeling,  the state of my mind, and how much stress I’m under (from every part of life) at the moment I’m asked this question.  So at different times of the day, I am likely to have a different answer to this question.

I am ok.  No I am better than ok.  I am GREAT!   When I think back to some of the times when things were not so great in my life, in comparison to this moment right now, I am fabulous!

I have to remember to keep it all in perspective, right?

There are times when I’m concerned about what my life’s purpose is and have spent a lot of time trying to figure that out lately.  What I thought it was years ago has been done as far as I could do it.  So I knew it was time to move on from that.

Other than that I just go on about my day, doing what needs to be done to keep this ship afloat, and moving up the river.  As long as I continue to make progress in whatever I do, I’m good.