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Communication: Journal Prompt 33 – Autobiography

Journal Prompt 33

What would the name of your autobiography be and why? Title each chapter with a brief description.



More randomness……as I’ve never really thought about this.  But I’ll do it for the blog. 🙂

Title:   BPA 2 BMD  (because I can’t think of anything else at the moment)

Chapter 1:  YOU ARE HERE—talk about the town I grew up in.

Chapter 2:  POOR HAPPY KIDS–Didn’t have much but we were happy kids who had family, food and fun

Chapter 3:  DESEGREGATION—What is all this fuss about with our schools having to merge?

Chapter 4:  THE MERGER—They say it’ll help us

Chapter 5:  NEW FRIENDS/COMPETITION—new classmates who became friends/competition in 1 year

Chapter 6:  COLLEGE? COLLEGE? –—We’re supposed to go to college?

Chapter 7:  LEAVING HOME—off to Happy Valley

Chapter 8:  WE ARE….Transitioning to adulthood during college

Chapter 9:  RETURNING HOME—back to the projects

Chapter 10:  OPERATION: ESCAPE—my personal goal to get out of the projects

Chapter 11:  ALL ABOUT HOUSING-–working in to get out of housing

Chapter 12:  FIRST HOUSE—the one time family Sec8 experience

Chapter 13:  SECOND HOUSE–Homeownership

Chapter 14:  LOSING THE VIP—not ready

Chapter 15:  GRADUATE SCHOOL—finally

Chapter 16:  WHO RELOCATES AT 41?—after 20 years, no reason to stay

Chapter 17:  NEW BEGINNINGS—making a new life in BMD, drifting farther from the past

Chapter 18:  ADJUSTING TO MY NEW LIFE—accepting some truths of who I am now

Wow, I can’t believe that all just came out.  I have never thought about all of that before….well, maybe the idea of a book, but never past “someday”……and definitely not all the way to naming chapters.  When I started thinking of the chronology, it was easy.

Sheesh.  Maybe I do have a story to tell.  Who knew?

This reminds me of when I was in school.  I would procrastinate for weeks on writing papers because I knew I could crank out an “A” paper at the last minute.  From the moment I’m assigned the paper, I’m thinking about how to do it, but to actually sit down and write it, it was usually at the last minute.  It sometimes ended up being an all-nighter once or twice, but not too often.

I guess that was minor confession #2:  Sometimes I enjoy the pressure of writing.   And here I thought it was just procrastination.  Well, now we’re going to think of it as ‘the creative process”.   Yeah, that’s it!  Ha ha.


What would the title/chapters of your autobiography be?