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Communication: Journal Prompt 32 – Earliest memories of school

Journal Prompt 32
Tell me about your earliest memories of school. Can you remember your teacher’s name and appearance? What were they like? What were your friend’s names? What things were important to you then? What did you enjoy?


I don’t remember much about pre-school or kindergarten, and years ago I used to remember every teacher for every grade.  Now I can’t remember my first, second, and third grade teachers because I can’t see their faces in my mind.

I do remember my 4th grade teacher because Ms. Laughlin was so encouraging and pleasant.  She was so nice.  She was my tallest and thinnest teacher with the shortest fashionable haircut.  She was our reading teacher if I remember it correctly and we had a program that we went from one color level to the next as we progressed with our reading throughout the school year.  I can’t remember the name of the program but I was always excited to be in her class to work on getting to the next reading level.

My friend through school was PH and what was important to me then, and all through school, my grades.  I was taught to always do my best, because that was the most I could ever do.  So that is what I always did in school.  I enjoyed school, especially writing and English classes.  I also remember being excited about school supplies shopping, and asking Mom to take us to see the classroom assignment before school started, so we could see which teacher we had and who was in our classroom that year.    I’m sure that would be a violation of privacy rules these days but it wasn’t a big deal back then.

That might explain my “need” to buy new inkpens and new notebooks (or binders and loose leaf paper) every September, even though I am no longer in school and haven’t been for a gazillion years, or so it seems.  Some habits die hard, or not at all.


What are your earlier memories of school?