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Communication: Journal Prompt 31 – Plotline

Journal Prompt 31

Combine one prompt from each column to create a plotline for a short story.



  1. In a secret underground government research facility
  2. On a golden beach
  3. While scuba diving
  4. In New York
  5. 5. At the Great Pyramids of Egypt
  6. While climbing a mountain


  1. a calm and peaceful yoga instructor
  2. a firefighter with a fear of heights
  3. a member of Royalty
  4. a vegetarian Lion
  5. a socially awkward geek
  6. a blind man


  1. saves an enemies life
  2. finds an old coin which brings good luck
  3. finds a compass and a treasure map
  4. falls in love
  5. is offered a dream job
  6. receives an important phone call


Plotline:  In New York, a firefighter with a fear of heights saves an enemy’s life.

“This is what we do in this family!”, said Sam’s grandfather.  My father was a firefighter!  I was a firefighter!  Your father is a firefighter! And YOU will be a firefighter!

Sam replied, “But Gramps, I don’t like climbing that tall ladder just to save a cat who shouldn’t be up there anyway.  Eventually he will come down on his own.  And being up on that ladder on the side of a burning house?  It’s enough to have to fight the fire, but now I have to worry about being so high up in the air?  Firefighting is not for me.”  I want to do something different with my life.

“That’s it?  You’re afraid of heights?  These kids today are afraid of everything, but they think they also know everything too”, his Gramps sighed in frustration.  “If you can conquer your fear of heights, do you think you would be a good firefighter otherwise?”

Of course, said Sam.  I just need to get over that one fear.

For a few weeks, he worked with his trainers at the fire academy mainly focusing on getting used to the ladder height, until he was at least less afraid.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to get over the fear of something…..to do it continuously until you get less and less afraid.

He felt comfortable enough to finish all the testing he needed to officially become a firefighter in NY.

The next day, 9/11 happened in New York City.

When the call came that the Twin Towers were on fire, a sense of fear came over him, just knowing the height of the buildings he would have to enter.  1362 feet is nothing to climb a ladder with o course, but having to go up into one of the tallest buildings in NYC, knowing people were trapped in there above the floor where the fire was, he knew would not be an easy thing to accomplish.

He made it to a floor where the workers hadn’t been rescued yet and the first person he ran into was a guy who’d become his enemy.  They both had dated the same woman, and he  lost her to him.  Now in this situation, he is there to save his life.  They have to rapel down the non-burning side of the building while dealing with his fear of height and saving the one guy he’d like to drop from the Twin Tower.


*****So…..with this post I am officially caught up with 31 prompts for January, on this 31st day of January.

Beginning tomorrow, February 1at, I will only need to do one journal prompt post per day as the goal is one per day, everyday for a year.

But I will also add in a photography, travel and baking posts when I have something to post.

Thanks for hanging in there with me during my 2 posts a day for 2 weeks.