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Communication: Journal Prompt 29 – Courage

Journal Prompt 29

What does ‘courage’ mean to you? When have you been courageous for yourself? When have you been courageous for others?


Courage is doing something that you’re afraid of doing but still doing your absolute best at it anyway because you know it has to be done.  If you’re going to do something, why not do the best you can at all times?

Honestly, I feel like I’m courageous every time I leave my house.  I have always been a homebody so staying home is easy and comfortable for me.  But once you throw in the social anxiety, going out can sometimes be an ordeal for me.  I am fine with going to do things that I have to do, like go to work, the grocery store, post office, car wash, etc.   I am even ok with going out to meet a friend one on one.  But going out to meet a group of people at a party….ugh!  So if I actually make it to a group gathering, it’s a miracle to me and I feel courageous when I arrive there.

It is easier for me to be courageous for someone else if it involves showing them they can do something that will help make them more independent.


How would you answer these questions?