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Communication: Journal Prompt 25 – Perfect moment

Journal Prompt 25

Tell me about a ‘perfect moment’ you have experienced. Where were you, who was there, what happened, how did you feel? How does it feel remembering this moment?


A perfect moment I have experienced??? Hmmm…..

Probably the day after I closed on this house.  The day OF the closing, went pretty smoothly for the most part, until afterwards.  I signed a gazillion papers and my signature got worse with each page.  Even I was tired of my name by the end of it.

But the big moment you wait for after going through 5 months of waiting for a house to be built and all the details of getting a mortgage, is finally getting the keys in your hands.  I got the keys and you would think that would be the perfect moment.

Noooooooo…..the title company gave me the wrong keys!  I didn’t realize it until I got to the house, which ended up being a 2 hour drive with the traffic and the rain.   So, I had signed my life away and couldn’t get in my house.  Not a happy camper at all but I called the title company from the car and she Fedex’d the keys and I had them before 10am the next morning.

The day I came over here and turned the keys and walked in the door was the perfect moment. It felt great.  I felt restored after so many years since my first house.