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Communication: Journal Prompt 23 – Improve relationship

Journal Prompt 23

I would like to improve my relationship with (blank) because…

What are the main problems?  What solutions can you think of? What are some of the good points to the relationship? For example at the worst, this relationship may have taught you about how not to treat other people.  What would the benefits of this relationship working  better be?


I would like to improve my relationship with RS because we had a misunderstanding and we never discussed it afterwards.  Time has passed with no contact on both sides and I’m thinking one thing and I imagine he is thinking something totally different.  Otherwise I think we would have discussed it by now.  The solution would be to meet and have a totally honest conversation about what did and did not happen.  Then discuss what we expect from each other going forward.

A good point of this relationship is we had some things in common but had enough differences to still be our own person within the relationship.  That is important in all relationships, I think.

The benefit of this relationship working better would be that once things were established after the misunderstanding, we could go back to where things left off and start again.


How would you answer this question?