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Communication: Journal Prompt 22 – I am awesome

Journal Prompt 22

At the top of the page write “I am awesome because…’ or ‘I am wonderful because…’.
Now write a list dedicated to the awesomeness of you. All of your achievements, successes, talents, skills, quirky interests, qualifications, best experiences and proudest moments. Big and small in no particular order just write them down. Going right back to when you were a child.



I am awesome because…..

  • For the most part, I was not a problem child, except for the food thing.  That will have to be another post for another day.
  • I was a good student.  High school valedictorian, even in the midst of a de-segregation battle in the school district.
  • I helped my mom get us out of public housing,  and then off of Section 8.  We made it to a real house, owned.
  • I try to share what I know if it will help someone else.
  • I try to be fair with everyone but it depends on how I’m treated too.
  • I am honest if people want to hear the truth.  Not everyone does though, I learned.
  • I appreciate the hard work and vulnerabilities that go into live performances….concerts, theatre, sports.
  • I try to pass on photographic history with the family.  Someone needs to provide those photographic memories for kids to see when they get older.  I think it helps them to see themselves as kids, which is why I encourage parents to photograph their kids, for their kid’s memories.
  • I can be counted on to be there for you, until I see that you’re taking advantage of my kindness and/or being manipulative, then you are SO on your own.
  • I can plan a trip to anywhere and enjoy every bit of it, alone.  I am a truly independent black female traveler.  Free to roam wherever and whenever I want.  Might not always have the money and it may take a while to save up for it, but knowing I can go when I can afford it, I am extremely grateful for this.
  • I have the best penmanship for a left hander.  That’s what people tell me.  Looks normal to me.
  • I bake tasty cookies. That’s what people tell me.  To me, it’s not a big deal because I just follow the recipe.  Everyone can make these same cookies.
  • I know a little bit of Italian and French….and later in life was able to visit Italy and France. That does mean something to me considering where I came from.

This list seems so random, I’m not sure if I stayed on topic.  That’s what happens when you just write freely after reading the prompt.

How about you?  You are awesome because……

2 thoughts on “Communication: Journal Prompt 22 – I am awesome”

  1. I’m awesome because I always try to help other people.
    I like to teach my kids what I learned growing up.
    Even though I have two children,I still take care of two other girls that aren’t mine who look at me like a step mother.
    I always think about others before myself.
    I still have goals I want to achieve.