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Communication: Journal Prompt 17 – 3 Minutes

Journal Prompt 17

Write about meeting someone you admire (real or fictional) in an empty elevator, you have 3 minutes to make conversation.  What will you say?  What do you want the outcome of the conversation to be? You could even write out the conversation in a script format.


Me:  Mom, hey buddy!!!!  How have you been? I’ve missed you!

Mom:  Hey buddy!!!  I’ve missed you too!  I’ve been keeping my eye on you and the family.

Me:  Yes I was just going to say you’ve missed so much since you passed away.   But I know you haven’t really missed anything.

Mom:  You know I’ve been praying for you all to succeed in life.

Me:  Good we all need it!  And I’m trying to keep myself on track and still help out where I can with that.    Trying to be a positive influence because you told me people are always watching.  It’s tough sometimes though without you to guide me and keep me from giving up when things get super rough.

Me:  How is Heaven?

Mom:  Better than anything you ever could have imagined.

Me:  Really?

Mom:  Would I ever steer you wrong?

Me: Of course not.  You were and still are like my own GPS.  It’s funny to me when I remember certain things you would tell me.  I wish I could tell you about the latest.  It’s exactly as you said it would be, but to watch it unfold.  It is unbelievable to me.  But you did warn me.

Me:  I have your photo on my work desk since your funeral because I missed calling you everyday at lunchtime to keep me sane around these insane people in the world.

Mom:  It will get better if you hang in there.   Don’t you want to see how it all turns out?

Me:  I know, and I do want to see how it ends.  Wow, I remember you always saying that before.  Remember when I didn’t think I would get out of the madness back then?

Mom:  Yes and I see you have made it out of the madness quite alright.  Just keep holding on.  It will all be worth it.  Trust God.  You will see.

Me.  Sometimes I feel like I am still just a step or two away from the madness all over again.  But I will hang in there.  Bye buddy!

Mom:  Bye buddy!


Whom would you have your 3 minute conversation with and what would you say?