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Communication: Journal Prompt 16 – Click your fingers

Journal Prompt 16

If you could click your fingers and be anywhere else right now, where would you be and why? What would you be doing? What would you see, hear, smell and taste?


At first I couldn’t decide if I would pick Venice or Barcelona for this, but Venice won.

Venice – That place forces you to slow down because there are no cars to rush around in, no traffic to sit in, and people just seem to be a bit laid back. It was so relaxing and quiet in spots (walking around the alleys to the squares) and it was a little noisy in other spots when you needed more activity, like at the Rialto Bridge.
What would I be doing?

I would be going up and down the canal on a vaporetto or hopping on and off a waterbus to take photos at different stops.
I would see so many tourists if during the summer months but fewer of them during the off-peak months. Everyone has their cameras out and capturing photos and videos of their visit to Venice. They say it’s a once in a lifetime trip, but I really want to go again.  I don’t feel like I got a chance to explore as much as I wanted to because I was only there for a couple of days pre-cruise that started in Venice and ended in Barcelona.
I would hear the quiet as I stroll along the canal with no particular direction in mind, as it is hard to get lost there. Even if you can’t quite find your destination, just keep walking, you’ll eventually get there.   That’s what I had read before I arrived, and I found it to be true.  That’s probably the only place I’ve been ok with getting lost in.  I just enjoyed the stroll without the ‘omg I’m lost’ anxiety. I would never do that in any other location.
I would smell the water because I’m near the canal and am surrounded by water. I would smell the food because that is what Italy is known for so there is good food everywhere you turn.  Also, as soon as you taste your first gelato, up pops another place to get more gelato.  Who would not like a place where gelato is a regular part of the day?

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking into booking a trip for February.  Very last-minute, I know.  Sometimes I get like that with trips when I just want to go somewhere.  Other times I plan it to death.


If you could click your fingers and be anywhere, where would you be?