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Communication: Journal Prompt 15 – Baggage

Journal Prompt 15

What “excess baggage” are you carrying around? Create a list of all the negative things you would like to drop off at lost property. Such as a regret, a negative self-belief, a grudge or a past event etc. Tell me how releasing them would make you feel?

My excess baggage would be distrust.

Releasing this would probably improve my relationship with a couple of people. I want to trust people and will give them the benefit of the doubt but once they lie to me, I’m done. I’m honest with people and expect them to be honest with me. Even if I still have to deal with them, the relationship is no longer the same for me.

Another piece of baggage would be my negative self belief.

Lately, it seems like I think I’m not good enough in a lot of situations. I never used to have this problem. I can probably pinpoint exactly when it changed too. Things have been very different after that point, and it sucks.  Releasing this would get me to where I need to be because I would have the confidence to just do things I want to do.