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Communication: Journal Prompt 107 – Languages

What other language(s) would you like to learn and why? Now go and find out how to say the following in one of the languages:

“Hello my name is (blank). I am (blank) years old. I live in (blank) with (blank) and I enjoy (blank), (blank), and (blank). Some of my favorite foods are (blank).”

Now introduce yourself to your journal in your new language. Action: This week, take one step towards learning your language of choice.


I mentioned this in another post already…

Italian–already started lessons, want to finish and visit Italy again and be able to understand the locals.

French–had classes years ago.  Need a refresher.

Spanish–had classes years ago.  Second language in the US, need to know how to communicate with Spanish-speaking people.

Chinese–since they pretty much run things commercially in the world, need to know how to communicate with them.  I think it would help in commerce and economics, which was my major 100 years ago.


Italian translation, thanks to Google Translator. 🙂

“Ciao il mio nome è Annie. Sono 51 anni. Io vivo in America. Mi piace la cottura, la fotografia, la scrittura e viaggiare. Alcuni dei miei cibi preferiti sono patate e cheeseburger”

French translation:

“Bonjour mon nom est Annie. Je suis âgé de 51 ans. Je vis en Amérique. J’apprécie la cuisson, la photographie, l’écriture et les voyages. Certains de mes aliments préférés sont les pommes de terre et cheeseburgers”

Spanish translation:

“Hola mi nombre es Annie. Tengo 51 años. Vivo en los Estados Unidos. Me gusta hornear, la fotografía, la escritura y los viajes. Algunos de mis comidas favoritas son las patatas y hamburguesas”

Chinese translation:


“Nǐ hǎo, wǒ jiào ānnī, wǒ 51 suì. Wǒ zhù zài měiguó. Wǒ xǐhuān hōngbèi, shèyǐng, xiězuò hé lǚxíng. Wǒ de yīxiē zuì xǐhuān de shíwù shì tǔdòu hé gānlào”