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Communication: Journal Prompt 106 – Fears

Tell me about one of your fears. Where does it come from? What happens to you physically and emotionally when you are feeling the fear? How does this fear hold you back?
How could you challenge it? Write about how your life would improve after overcoming the fear.

One of my fears is being stuck or parked on a hill.  I remember when we would be in Mom’s blue car, coming from Giant Eagle in Braddock Hills.  There’s a hill that you have to take to come out of the shopping center out onto the main road, Yost Blvd.  It there was traffic coming up Yost and we had to wait on that ramp, I would just about lose it.  Even though I knew my mother had her foot on the brake as we waiting for the car to pass us by, just knowing the feeling of the car drifting back for a couple of seconds as she took her foot off the brake and onto the gas pedal used to just freak me out.  I always thought we were going to fall down the ramp.

Another hill I remember….we were going to visit someone who lived in North Braddock and their house was on a hill.  If Mom parked on the hill and said ‘stay in the car’, I couldn’t do it.  I was too scared the car was going to fall down the hill.  I would rather get out of the car and go with her or sit on the sidewalk, porch, anywhere.  Or just stand and wait.  I was not about to be sitting in the car on a hill just waiting to die.

I know, drama.

The only way the fear holds me back is I try my best not to park on a hill, but now that I know how to drive and park on a hill, I’m not as scared.  I would still prefer flat land, please.  Thank you!