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Communication: Journal Prompt 102 – Big leap of faith

Tell me about a time when you took a big leap of faith or change of direction in your life. What motivated it?

The first ‘leap of faith’ I took was moving to Maryland from Pittsburgh, PA.   Right after college I’d been wanting to relocate and that hope went on for years while I felt obligated to stay in Pittsburgh, dealing with my family.  But once my mother passed away, I figured it was now or never.  The only problem with that however was my acceptance to graduate school happened at the same time and after postponing for a semester, I started classes, finished up in a year (2004) , then I had to wait another year (2005) at work or else pay back the tuition.  The minute 2005 was over, I moved  by the end of January 2006.  I didn’t have a job but I had inherited funds to pay for an apartment.  I started working in July 2006 and have been at the same job since. It’ll be 10 years next month.

The second leap of faith was going to a housing fair to gather information about possibly owning a house again.  Thought I had a LOOOOOOOOOONG shot or NOOOOOOOO shot but tried to get the information anyway so I would know once and for all.  It had taken about 5 years to get out of the financial mess I was in.  But today I’m here in my house, still amazed every day that it actually happened.  God showed me what can happen, when I thought I’d never have another house again.

I am so very grateful for both of those direction changes in my life.