I was here

Communication: I’ve missed you, blog!

So, for three months I was rolling along on this blog with my daily prompts and then April comes.  With April came a challenge to create daily videos on You Tube and I got so engrossed with vlogging  that I have neglected my own blogging.

Now I’m struggling to get back into writing because I can’t stop watching You Tube and learning about video creation.  It’s almost a variation of photography so it has caught my attention that way.

I finished my 30 day challenge of making videos and only missed two days so I made 28 videos where I was answering daily prompts, but I also created two videos from vacations.  One was from when I traveled to Italy in 2013 and the other was from the cruise I just took in February.  I will add them to my Commutes page after I finish this post if WordPress allows me.  If not, I will post a link to my Youtube channel if someone’s interested in going over that to check those two videos out.

Back to the 28 videos where I recorded myself……I’m amazed at that fact myself, even if most of them were here in the house with me just talking to the camera.  That is something that I was not used to doing, being in FRONT of the camera.   Since the 9th grade, I’ve been taking pictures of any and everything but myself.  So this video challenge was a big deal for me because it was like I had to ‘come out of hiding from the camera’ and not be so afraid of speaking to the world.  Not that THE WORLD was watching, but that I would just put myself out there in the world ON VIDEO, not just pictures, for anyone to see.  I ended up with 34 subscribers……except for my niece, the other 33 people I didn’t know until now.  A former co-worker said she was also watching the videos and had she not mentioned it on Facebook, I never would have known because I never saw a comment from her.  So two people who know me (that I know of) watched my videos.  Everyone else was a total stranger. It was fun being social on You Tube with people I never met before, since we all were doing the same challenge and I got to watch their videos too.

With all of that going on with me and You Tube, I didn’t post to my BLOG every day in April.  I will try to get caught up again at some point this week, but I will be preparing for the brunch I’m hosting next weekend.  After May 15th, I must get back to my blog again.  I’ve missed writing.

I’m even considering not answering the prompts anymore,  and just writing a regular blog post instead, the same way I started this blog.  I haven’t totally decided on that yet.

But if I stop the daily prompts, will I have failed already?