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Creation: Aaaaahhhh, Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are an absolute favorite of the cookies that I make.  Well, basically any cookie with cinnamon will be at the top of the list for me.  This is a simple sugar cookie rolled in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar before going into the oven.  The recipe took a couple of tries before I could make it an efficient workflow but I have tackled that now.  After making the dough, I scoop it out of the mixing bowl and drop the dough into a glass of the cinnamon and sugar mixture.  Then roll it around by the glass so the mixture isn’t really pressed into the dough, like if you rolled it on a plate where it’s natural to press down a little.  Plus it’s less messy because I use small tongs to pull the cinnamon/sugar coated dough ball from the glass and place onto the cookie sheet.  Follow close attention to the bake time by using a timer, which I do for all of my cookies.  I’ve learned over the years to not guess on time.

You cookies will come out perfectly.  A little crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Store them in a ziplock bag to keep them from getting crunchy overnight.    I don’t like fighting to get a bite of my cookies.

Because of the cinnamon, I would probably choose a snickerdoodle over a chocolate chip cookie.  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.


I use this recipe from AllRecipes.com called Mrs. Siggs Snickerdoodles.


Make them today!

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